David's instructional technique is clear, caring and professional and we have both benefited physically from his well-planned approach to our training.

We would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone searching for a certified personal trainer.
Susan and George Kopulos,
The Beach, Toronto
July 8, 2016

I’m happy to share how David Dorken was able to help me achieve my fitness goals while ensuring that a chronic injury I have was not made worse by movements that might exacerbate my condition.

The expertise and guidance David provides during my strength training sessions has ensured that I get the most out of every exercise I am doing. The results have been great, my strength and endurance are much improved, and my recovery time has lessened considerably.  

David regularly updates and redesigns my program, which not only keeps things interesting but also challenges me to achieve more.

The results I have been able to realize with David have made a profound change in my life. I’m stronger, pain-free, and finally able to ride up that hill."
Brian Fisher
The Beach
August 2018

David set up challenging and varied routines that were never a bore! He provides the right amount of science and insight on human nature to help stay interested and connected to workouts. I was amazed how my strength increased even within the first set of sessions. Thanks David!!
Roberta Hunt
East York
March 2020

I highly recommend David of Basic Training. He has a wealth of knowledge about health and fitness which he utilizes to build a personalized training program for you. David is a pleasant and positive trainer and makes the hour we spend with him fun and refreshing.
Steve Dunn
The Beach
March 2020

Very reliable, professional and has a great sense of humour.
Louise Musial, graphic designer